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     My name is Anthony L Selletti and I have been investigating the anomalous for thirty-nine years and I have finished my book entitled “Fort Mifflin: A Paranormal History”. The book is about the history of the paranormal activity that takes place in and around Fort Mifflin.  I have spent hundreds of hours studying Fort Mifflin in its historical context, and many more hundreds of hours of anomalous investigation at the fort. The books examines the stories of, the screaming lady, the faceless man, the desecrated graveyard, the lamp lighter, the children and dogs, the drown man, the sad man, the “Philadelphia Experiment” connection,  and many others. The book puts them in possible context of actual historical persons and events through letters, news articles, books, official government documents and publications. There is an expanded chapter about the William H Howe, one of two men executed by hanging at the Fort, and his possible connection to the recently opened casement 11. The book contains many photographs, maps, death certificates, and original art of people and places from the book. Fort Mifflin on the Delaware hosts "ghost walks" and "Sleeping With the Ghosts" events on a monthly basis adding to public interest about the paranormal history of the Fort. The buzz about the fort was only intensified by Sci Fi’s hit show “Ghost Hunter’s” fourth season opener and their return in June 2008 for further investigation.  The public and the anomalous community wants to learn more about the secret anomalous history of Fort Mifflin, and this is what the book “Fort Mifflin: A Paranormal History” delivers